Umweni vs Ena Umweni B/649/13 09/06/2021 Further hearing

Umweni Vs Ena Umweni B649/13
Continuation of hearing 09/06/2021

Case is called and defendant Mr Ena- Umweni is called to the witness box

Counsel to defendant: please tell this honourable court your name.

Ena Umweni: My name is Ena Ena-Umweni, an Assistant Director of the Federal Civil Service and I live at Lateef Jakande Estate on Lekki Epe Expressway in Lagos.

Counsel to defendant: If you see this Exhibit of programme to the wedding ceremony of Mr Edosa Eghobamien, can you identify it?

Ena Umweni: Yes it is..

Counsel to defendant: if you see these exhibits to the governor's consent on these various landed properties can you identify them ?

Ena Umweni: Yes they are..

Counsel to defendant: if you see this exhibit of Suit No: B/115/89 with judgment was delivered on the 19th day of June, 1995, would you identify it.

Ena Umweni: Yes it is...

Counsel to defendant: This is a letter from Engr Emmanuel Ogbemudia Ojomo to the testator. Can you identify this letter

Ena Umweni: Yes it is..

At this point the Counsel to the Clamant rose up and opposed the exhibit on the grounds that it was which the honourable judge granted his wish.

Counsel to defendant: This is a letter that the testator wrote to his wife Gumedia in 1972. can you identify this exhibit ?

Ena Umweni: Yes it is..

Again counsel to Clamant rises and opposes the exhibit saying that the exhibit was a letter the testator wrote to his children not his wife in November 1972 and that the exhibit should not be misrepresented and as such should be withdrawn as an exhibit.

The honourable judge granted his wish.

Counsel for the defendant: My lord at this point I would like to ask for an adjournment to rearrange our exhibits.

Counsel to the Clamant: My lord the defendant's team have been deliberately delaying this matter since 2013 and on every sitting my client flies in form Lagos to attend this matter before you, firstly I ask for a double sitting date and then we ask for the sum of Forty thousand Naira.

The honourable judge grants the sum of Ten thousand Naira and grants the 29th of July and the 2nd of August 2021 for next hearing.

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Lawyers in Edo state collect fees by the easily and unnecessary adjourn matters which makes the process last longer than can a lawyer not prepare his defense before coming to court....a tolal mess
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