Umuaba in Diaspora (Spain) Strongly Condemns Military Invasion, Demands End to ‘Python Dance II’

Umuaba in Diaspora (Spain) totally condemns the ill-timed, ill-conceived and reckless abuse of the tenets of the constitution by the deployment of Military personnel to Abia State. The premise upon which the Military was ordered to carry out operations in the South East particularly in Aba in Abia State is tantamount to an unwarranted provocation that can lead to fracas in the area.

Every group is allowed by the Nigerian constitution to legitimately pursue their interests. As long as there is no insurrection or civil disturbance, the Federal Government does have the legal right or constitutional powers to deploy the military to the area. We view this as a slap and an affront on the sensibilities of the peace-loving people of Aba. We will not fold our hands and watch this charade muddle our people, our pride and our dignity.

The Igbos have borne the brunt of a centrally controlled government that is repressive, fails to listen to the wishes of the people and is totally at loss about how to best steer the ship of the nation. We call on the Federal Government to immediately send the Army personnel back to the barracks where they belong. The nation should be focussed on quelling the brutal war that has been raging in the North East by the Boko Haram Islamic Militants. It is an abuse to the tax payer that the security agencies are currently displaying a ‘’show of force’’ without re-enacting the same ‘’force’’ to win the war in the North East.

We have watched asinine peddlers of destructive propaganda pounce on a delicate situation in order to draw the last blood from innocent indigenes of Aba. We consider this as callous, reprehensible and a cruel reality of how low we have gone in a bid to run a system that has obviously failed. Umuaba in Diaspora (Spain) hereby uses this medium to call for sanity and a return of order to Aba in Abia State. We forthwith demand that all Military personnel sent for the gratuitous Operation Python Dance II be sent back to their base.

We must restate that our need of Federal intervention is not in the ‘’show of force’’ but in deployment of resources to develop the roads in Aba and improve the quality of electricity supply. These basic necessities will lead to economic progress, social stability and other positive benefits in our land.

As part of our contribution, Umuaba in Diaspora (Spain) has already started a program since 2015 to assist the government by distribution of books every year to all primary schools in Aba. We believe that education sharpens the mind and helps to develop the potentials of our young ones.

Signed by
Kevin Iroegbu
President, Umuaba in Diaspora (Spain)

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