Ultimate Love Guest: Contestant Names, Photos, Profile of Ultimate Love Reality TV Show Housemates

Ultimate Love is a Nigerian reality TV show designed to give single guys and ladies a chance to find life-long love. The show which was created by MultiChoice Nigeria is set to entertain viewers for 8 weeks.

Ultimate Love Reality TV Show will premier on Sunday, February 9th 2020 on selected DSTV and Gotv packages. Viewers can watch the housemates and the dating show on DSTV Channel 198 and Gotv Channel 29.

Ultimate Love Nigeria reality TV show will house a total of 16 strangers, comprising of 8 males and 8 females contestants(Love Guest) in a location known as the "Love Pad". All housemates will be paired as they live together and build relationships with their partners.

Just like , the contestants will be monitored by live television cameras and microphones. The couples will have to compete and win several tasks and also the votes of the viewers weekly. These task will test their strengths and sincerity as couples. There will also be a counselor for the couples to interact with frequently, the couples will simply referred to her as "Auntie'.

Here are more details about Ultimate Love Nigeria Reality TV show,


These are the contestant of the show; 16 singles(8 men, 8 women). After two weeks of getting to know each other, the Love Guest will be paired for the rest of their time on the show.


She is the central figure on the show and the love guest will get to see her. Her job is to help find their perfect partner and provide them with counsel where necessary.


A secluded area, where the contestants will be able to 'communicate' with family and friends outside the Love Pad.


Where the contestants will live. Here, they will perform daily tasks, themed activities and compete in weekly challenges to become the Ultimate Couple.

Ultimate Love Nigeria - Winners Prize

The winning housemate couple in the Ultimate Love reality tv show will be awarded with cash prizes and a fully furnished house and an all-expense-paid traditional wedding if they decide to get married.

If the winning couple decide not to get married after the show, they will forfeit the house and the traditional wedding but will still get the cash prize and other prizes.

Ultimate Love Nigeria Contestant Names and Photos

To view and full list and profile of contestant on the Ultimate Love Reality TV show - Read more here

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