Things fall apart the center can't hold.He's banished from the governor's stool,but no one is talking about the criminal charges that "must and should await" him.Will he just be removed and be allowed to go about enjoying all the loots he has stacked in his private? If that will be the case here,what good is it that he's dismissed? He came into the office as governor thru "fraud and manipulation" with the intension to get ACCESS into state bonds--to steal and to loot.Tell me,if he's free to tour the world with all that resources he acquired as a "false Governor,will this not be regarded as a "special arrangement" by even the court to remove him after they has deliberately allowed him to steal for 3yrs plus,and say ok,"e don do,you must conmont for the next person because we don tell you say,na only 3yrs we go allow you to chop some money? Like a gang-zoning?.I mean i'm so freaked out not getting it that the 419 guys are arraigns everyday before the court for cheating and swindling,found guilty in the process and incarcerated,properties confiscated.Nothing wrong bringing those bad guys to book cos justice is done.But you got the "real criminals--the enemies of the state, engaging in a much more evil and non has been found guilty? What a society runs by gangs of morons to the detriment of the national growth  and to the suppression of the national intellectuals….
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