I think the people are only exspressing their mind, for christ sake, this man has be the brain box of our ex - governor Ibori who looted the money ment for the development of the state. Where is him today? Same to this uduaghan whom they know for sure that had done everything possible to take over from him. What makes him think that he will be there for ever. Cause they have chosen it as a do and die affaire! I think it is high time they realise that, they are there in the interest of the people. I advise that he should takle the problem of the poor masses instend of looking into political affaire. This is the main chanlenges they face when ever they get into power!

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Well if the election did not reflect the wishes of the electorate, it is a pity.  But the DPP candidate can still pursue his case in court if he so convinced that he was rigged out.
Exactly my brother. All we needs is justice. We want the court to prevail over this matter if only they don't accept bribe from the ruling party.


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