Joseph Stalin was an apostle of communism; a state owned political c** economic system. But his socialism was more than being a collective ownership of economy but a cruel and draconian system. Citizens were sent to forced labour camps and Jews and Ukrainians were persecuted with vitriolic attacks. Stalin died in power in 1953!

        Stalin’s contemporary, Adolf Hitler ruled Germany and attempted to rule the world. He opened called for mass killing of Jews, Gypsies, Slavs and others. His criminality is unmatched by any leader of the last millennium. Mao Tse Tung[China], Pol Pot [Cambodian leader who butchered his people], Franco Duvalier[Haiti], Idi Amin[Uganda], Mobutu Seseseko [Zaire],Samuel Doe[Liberia] Sani Abacha[Nigeria] and others ruled their countries and finally died in power; the absolute power corrupted them absolutely.

       The disgraceful exit of Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya were a pointer to the fact that no absolute ruler will go scot free. They came like messiah to help their people out of quagmires; they proceeded with people friendly policies and programs and gained grounds until they slipped. Most of these leaders, after being unable to comprehend with the fact that they were losing their popularity, resolved to war and killing of their perceived enemies. They called the oppositions names like terrorists, rats, insurgents etc.

       The predecessor’s fall is a warning to successor, so says an African saying. Despite the fact that dictators end their reign disastrously, many living ones do not take the warning danger seriously. They have forgotten that the dead dictators overstayed their welcome. They came in with a mission but refused to leave after fulfilling that mission. They were intoxicated with power!

     It is not out of point that some leaders remain –even die-in power because they wanted to cover up some human and financial mess before they would think of leaving. They maintained offshore accounts while their people suffered. Their apologists were sycophants who help them in covering their booty and making them to think that they [the leaders] were heavenly sent to the people and that their leaving the power would be disastrous to the nation. They said what they wanted to hear and made them the proverbial elephant that was deceived by tortoise to enter the palace to become king when the former did not know that the latter was planning for his downfall.

      Some falling dictators, like Mao Tung, thought they were on the right track. Tung wanted to avoid the mistakes of Stalin by encouraging free speech. The Chinese people thought their messiah had arrived and they started exercising their freedom of speech until Tung changed his mind when he saw the danger of free speech. He imprisoned, tortured and murdered his suspected oppositions. Pol Pot ended his regime in 1998 without any dint of remorse by declaring, ‘My conscience is clear.’ Did he have conscience at all?

          There is only one message for the living dictators like Al Assad of Syria, Huge Chavez of Venezuela and host of others. No matter how they hide and stay in power; to matter how they infringe their citizens’ rights or kill their people; no matter how much they loot from their countries’ treasure, THE INEVITABLE-DEATH-WILL COME.

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