Several hours ago, Umaru Musa Yar'Adua was purported smuggled into this country under circumstances that is clearly dishonourable of the person of the President and the country.

 One important action should have been carried out before the return of President Yar'Adua if he is going to be kept incommunicado from the people of Nigeria.  That action is the
submission of a letter of unfitness to rule. 
If he is so incapacitated to do so, his doctors (s) should be allowed to
make a declaration to that effect so that the country can continue to be run
and saved from possible chaos and turmoil.

 It appears, however, that Mrs. President and a few in the cabal class would like to remote-control the country for selfish ends.

 I would like to use this great community to invite Nigerians to condemn this hideous act and help Mrs. President and all the political jobbers who are only afraid of their personal loss to not destroy the country.

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If we look at the issue as it is, you will come to a say that Yar'adua is not desperate about position or power, Turai is trying to tell us that she is smart, that the degree certificate that she bought was to back up her smartness.
Nice Post......


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