Why do people act like their opinion Success Mastery Academy  etc. is the truth? Everything in life is a perception - the weather, time, health, food etc. In other words - This corn is too hot. No, it isn't! This movie is too long. Maybe yes and maybe no. That color is too dark. See where I'm going with this? Ever had an argument or disagreement with someone?

Sure, we all have. What caused it? Very simply - two different opinions coming face to face with each other - when only one could win but both were not necessarily true but you both believed that each of yours were true as far as the two of you were concerned. All conflict is the result of perceptual interpretation not based on truth and why - because truth does not have to be defended if it is real truth. When people can't let go of the need to justify opinions, attitudes, decisions, actions, feelings etc. that might be inconsistent with truth it is generally because of one of the following exists; the need for control, ego needs, arrogance, low self-esteem, insecurity or early conditioning that caused them to feel they need to get others approval in order to achieve self-acceptance and the way they do this is by being right.

Why do people work so hard to convince others that their version of truth is the only one or the only one that matters or the only one that you or I should believe or accept? A lot of this stems from the previous discussion but for clarity I will add a couple of other items. One is called projection. This is simply a refusal to accept a certain type of self-behavior and implying others of having the behavior that you have but refuse to acknowledge, admit or accept. In other words - "I am always late but can't admit it but I always blame you for being late whether you are or are not."

Another one is expanding on something or just making things up that aren't true. I want others to think I am successful so I create a self-story that over time I come to believe as true. Even if you know me well and know what I say about myself isn't true, I will still boast about these untruths as if they were true. Actually, you would be quite amazed at how many people have this behavior.


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