True Life Story : After 12yrs Of Barrenness, Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets

My name Mrs. Blessing Chukwuemeka, This was how God broke the chains of barrenness in my life after 15 years of marriage.

My husband and I have been praying to God for the fruit of the womb after our marriage. We went to several hospitals looking for solution but the doctors said my womb is damaged. My husband’s family started threatening me, calling me all sorts of name, even my mother in law brought a lady from the village to give to my husband but I was steadfast in prayers with tears that God must prove himself in my life.

Last year, I started attending Winners chapel and during one of the programmes our pastor BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO said someone is here and God is saying YOUR TIME IS NOW! START BUYING YOUR BABY CLOTHES!. I keyed into the declaration and during last Shiloh I went to church with baby clothes.

My people, I am going to this year Shiloh with four babies because I got pregnant last year and gave birth to four children! Three girls, one boy! It was the lords doing because I already gave up. My husband’s friends and families who already mocked me gathered to celebrate me and my news travelled across the country.

God lifted me up from shame to glory…. I tap into your blessing madam

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