Travis Scott continues to bless his fans. Astroworld dropped in August and turned the hip-hop game on its head. Nothing shook up the pavement as much as “Sicko Mode” though. The Drake-assisted, beat switching, head knocking single is in heavy rotation everywhere, but La Flame has just dropped of a remix. It wasn’t like we were getting tired of the original “Sicko Mode,” but Travis Scott Feature Drake felt the need to take things to the next level regardless. Nobody is complaining.

The “Sicko Mode” remix gets a makeover from Skrillex. Trav took to Twitter to announce the new remix, which can be purchased on his website for a paltry 69 cents, or streamed on your favorite services. The cover art for the song reads, “I went to Astroworld and all I got was this f****** song,” which is a clear nod to the touristy t-shirts that can be found at everywhere travelers are. Enjoy the psychedelic new single, which would play nicely during Trav’s Astroworld tour.


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