What can we really say about the actions of Mr president-Dr Goodluck Jonathan, over the immediate retirement nd reshuffling the police sector, starting frm the (IGp) 2 deputy IGp. The question now is that can ds move mk a impact or a change in nigerian police sector? (1)by solving the problem of insecurity in nigeria, (2)or the arrest of escaped bokoharam leader (alahaji kabiru of sokoto) (3) persecution of those police men inconnection 2 his escape including IGp Mr Hafiz Ringim himself,or can ds action by Mr president stop the corruption nd illegal collection of money frm ppl by the police, wch is the major curse of incompetence among the nigerian police.Yes it hapnd 2 me yesterday where an inspector of a police team by borikamp junction refus 2 allow the taxy man 2 go bcs of #50 nd until he payd the money he cnt allow him go free,bold enough nd openly demanding it frm ds guy, i ws inside this car i even bag on his behave the inspector told me the money is use in mentainanc of thire vehicle! Pls smbody shud talk 2 me!

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It is a welcome development.  Let the Police know for once they have failed the nation, but my worry is that another IGP coming from the North and a Muslim may not make any  difference at all.


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