Every company needs profit to run the business, but if it starts to value only profit, then that company dies eventually. As profit is not the only important aspect of running a business. Customers are equally important. Yes, you don’t just need to make new customers, but you also need to buy the loyalty of the older customers. As older customers are the ones that buy your product or services again and again as result of good, satisfactory experience from your company. This loyalty makes customer value your product over the other products from your competitors. If the customer is loyal, they will prefer to buy from you even if the product price is high in comparison to other brands. Thus building loyalty is essential for your growth.

This customer loyalty can be bought by exceeding their expectations and demands through showing support and importance towards them. In this article, six brilliant trends are shared, that you can adapt to win customer loyalty.  Because without happy, satisfied and involved customers; your business won’t survive.

  • Personalize

          Give your customers a personalized experience. One policy to attract all customers is not sufficient in this era of competition.  Your competitors are also using similar strategies to attract potential customers. So it is essential for you to understand the requirements of your customers.

            Use a personalized approach for targeting customers on your website. Take advantage of modern data collection methods, to give personalized experience to your customers on basis of their demographics and purchase history. Use a similar strategy in e-marketing and emails. Remind them about their past experiences, address them with their names and show that you care.  Pay special attention to their history with your company and use it to remind them about their importance. This strategy will definitely attract them to stay loyal to your products.

  • Introduce loyalty Programs

            Almost most of the bigger brands have adopted this strategy, which has lowered its importance.  So replace regular loyalty program with a premium loyalty program. These programs are different than regular ones, as they are “not free.” This factor sufficiently increases its value. Customers pay a particular amount of fee to join the loyalty program. Customers who join these programs enjoy additional benefits and prioritized attention from the company. Constant gratification is the concept that makes these premium loyalty programs successful.

  • Collaborate

Yes, consider collaborating with other brands and companies. This is one the most important trend of this time. For Example, if you are the owner of a clothing brand, then collaborate with some handbag brand. Make Ads together. This will attract the audience of another brand to your brand. Such collaborations are based on mutual benefit.  Most famous collaboration is of Brand Uber with Manchester United.

  • Use Social Media

Now a day’s best way to target audience is through social media.  Use these platforms to encourage your audience to tag your brand's name in the posts, blogs, and pictures. This will increase the sharing of your products. Ask them to share their views about your product on media. You can also send your products to the social influencers for review. This association with influencers will benefit both.

You can also use a social media platform to create awareness about your brand and its premium loyalty programs.

Share good reviews from your customers on social media this will build the trust of customers in your brand. Pay special attention to social media marketing, as it continuous reminders will keep the attention of customers towards your brand.

  • Use Chat boxes

Using automated chat boxes online, on your website and social media platforms will boost your customer interaction. These chat boxes are available 24/7 and give a feeling of instant gratification to customers, which makes them feel valued.

  • Surprise them

Using the information of customers, send e-cards, postcards and messages on all important occasions. Congratulate them on Christmas, Eid or Shabbat. Remember their birthdays, wish them and send them discount coupons or maybe small presents. This will make your customers feel special and they will stay loyal to your brand. Share these gestures on social media as well.

These are the most successful trends of 2019. Incorporate them in your strategy and win the loyalty of customers. If you are searching for “write my essay on customer loyalty” to complete your assignment, then use our article to write your essay. 

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