Politicians make up the vast majority of the richest and most powerful people in Nigeria. This would come as no surprise to the citizens of Nigeria, as everyone knows that Politicians In Nigeria use their position and power to amass unreasonable amount of wealth just because they can. That is why there are always issues and complaints every time an election is conducted in Nigeria from the federal to the basic level as long as politics is concerned in Nigeria.

Although not every Politician In Nigeria acquires wealth through dubious means, the ones that do are so many that it is virtually impossible to separate the genuine & honest from the thieves.

We at naijabioworth.com.ng are not here to check the credibility of these Politicians In Nigeria but simply to analyse their wealth and give you the top 10 Richest Politicians In Nigeria.

You should note that some these politicians are actually richer than reported as they have large sums in offshore accounts scattered across the world. However we are grading them according to Net Worth, Earnings, Influence/Power.

So, here goes list of the top 10 Richest Politicians In Nigeria in 2018.Read More>>>>

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