Tips to undertaking a research project while doing a side Job

Doing a part time job as an undergraduate was such a difficult time for me but I couldn’t quit because I so needed to expand my network, connect and ofcourse earn money. One of the most challenging moments was doing my research projects both seminar and final year project while also working my part time job. Right now, no regrets at all unlike how it felt then but I have recorded so many lessons and experiences that I would gladly share.

Today, I will be sharing my experiences doing a part time job while undertaking my research project. I will also be sharing practicable tips alongside on how to pull that stunt  successfully without a burn out.

Without a promise that your research project experiences is going to be the cool and rosy but here are tips and easy hacks that are practicable to help you through your research;

Establish good relationship with your project supervisor

I had my own bite of this pie and one of the ways I dealt with it is to get closer to my project supervisor. I used to hear of what seemed like her bad deeds but I didn’t allow that to becloud my sense of closeness with her.

Meet your project supervisor and let the him/her know that you work a part time job; go ahead and explain your work schedules and draft how your research project activities will be favourable to the both of you.

Keep to time

Once you establish the relationship with your supervisor, you have to show commitment by keeping to time. Be early and regular at meetings and be sure to submit your corrections early.

For me, I reached an agreement with my supervisor to submit my project early before going to work. Again, when my file is ready, she writes the next submission date on it and I must keep to it.

Note and effect corrections ASAP

Project supervisors dislike it when you hardly effect corrections in your write-up. Even though you work a Job, be sure to note the corrections made on your research paper and effect them before return date. It makes them feel special respected and in control despite the relationship you share.

Use online survey

Along the research line, you will necessarily be required to gather data for your research. However, as a part time jobber, you don’t have so much time to fix all that by yourself. But with an online survey or any online resource that will quicken your research process.

Online surveys are easy hacks for data gathering; they are easily created and you can reach out to as many population as your research permits.

Hire a writer or data analyst

Doing a research project and working a job at the same time comes with a different kind of pressure and you have to be careful not to fall for it. If you can’t help it, you can hire a writer to handle your project writing as long as you provide adequate guidelines and research materials needed.

In another case, considering the time it takes to gather and analyse research, you may need the services of a data analyst.  So as a part time worker, you have to make choices that are soft, convenient, less stressful and inclusive.

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