The kitchen is the heart of the home, not because it is where the meals are prepared but more often than not, the kitchen serves as the first critical area for evaluating how tidy a family is.

Keeping your kitchen clean can actually be a challenge but if you can follow these simple steps, you are going to thank me later. Trust me!

Here are few tips to make your kitchen sparkling clean

1. Clean your plates and utensils after preparing every meal. You may want to consider investing some money buying a good dishwasher. This will save you time and energy. It will take dishwashing from being a chore to being a hobby because it will be taking you not more than a few clicks

2. Do not rush your cooking and ensure your gas cooker burns properly. This is the best way to reduce spilage. When you do not rush what you are cooking, your kitchen is bound to be more tidy than someone in a hurry so try to plan your cooking schedule ahead. Also ensure your gas cooker burns properly as this can be a major source of spills. Let it burn properly and with moderation.

3. Use a garbage bowl: Always ensure you have a trash can or compost bin very close to you while cooking so that you can save dropping off dirt while carrying a handful of peelings and scraps outside. You can also keep a big bowl beside where you can easily drop your dirt and then dispose off after cooking.

4. Refrigerate what you need to use another day. Please ensure to keep in a tightly fitted container. If possible, ensure your refrigerators are always locked because there are times when your refrigerator could open up for any reason. If for any reason you do not close your refrigerator properly and your food are not properly kept, there could be incidences of rats vesting your refrigerator to eat your food which could lead to transmission of communicable diseases and trust me, no visitor who sees that will take you seriously as a tidy person.

5. Clean your sink: It almost goes without saying that after cooking, clean your sink with soap and water and this should be done as often as you use them to keep your kitchen clean and germ free.

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