Timely questions I’d love to have answers to about weight loss.

There is no doubt several metric tonnes of weight loss questions exist. In the quest for answers, some of these questions are put up and eventually featured on health blogs and the diverse health-related social media platforms. For some people, the idea of putting up questions related to their weight loss struggle reeks lack of confidence. Therefore, in lieu of putting up the questions online even under an anonymous guise or seeking advice and support from family, friends or acquaintances, the questions are left in the mental realm.


This article, therefore, is a creative and thoughtful compilation of some daring weight loss questions, some of which most people will not for all the money in the world spill out. Although, if this article were placed on a scale, it obviously will tilt in favour of weight loss questions alone. But in a bid to create a measure of balance, each question will be linked to certain clues or hints about how to access the ideal answers.

Weight loss questions:

My cordial relationship with salad is not reflecting in the weight loss department.

For the past 6 months, with no fail, I only consumed salad for lunch. Still, the weight keeps staring me in the face each time I get on the scale.

Clue: Get a better understanding of low-calorie choices. Condiments and dressings should be paid attention to as well.

My ruckus with carbs always leaves me at the losing end.

I have an uncanny ability to eat within the confines of my diet before the glares of family members. But in my alone time, especially the time spent at work this ability always elude me which results in binge eating carbs even after multiple attempts at suppressing the urge. How do I bail myself?

Clue: Drink adequate water. Staying hydrated can suppress the urge to indulge unnecessarily.

I’m in a fix about where to pitch my tent in the eating divide.

I focus daily on attaining 1500 calories. There are days I attain my goals in the company of fries, processed food or snacks. At other times, I eat my way to 1500 calories via vegetables, protein or fruits. I am currently at a crossroad about how to eat my way to 1500 calories right. This is to enable me to bring down my weight.

Clue: A knowledge of what makes healthy meals and the relationship between eating healthy meals and weight loss answers the question.

My ordeal with fast diet.

When I started out with a fast diet, the weight rapidly came down. As expected, the transformation earned me a plethora of praises from my folks. But one month after, I am confronted with the painful reality that the weight didn’t go away. It only went to reinforce, and it is evident in the surge in my weight. I need to see the result again, please help me.

Clue: Before opting for a fast diet, consider and study its effect on metabolism.

Since when did exercise become too feeble to pull down weights?

I jog for 30 minutes every morning. The drive behind this morning ritual is weight loss.  My effort has not yielded much in bringing down my weight. Why can’t exercise fix my challenge?

Clue: You need to realise that exercise does not work in isolation. Take note of the relationship between exercise and diet. Also, consider the effectiveness of the combo in bringing down weight.

Can I put the blame on coffee?

When the scale informed me of an increase in weight, I decided to map out the habits I recently incorporated. But the only change has been the rise in my coffee consumption. Can coffee possibly contribute to weight gain?

Clue: Exceeding two cups of coffee daily, is a licence to weight gain.

Is keeping track of the sugar in fruits a lame thing to do?

It scares me that my low carb diet will be ruined by my fruits intake. This is because I lately read a post that revealed that fruits contain sugar. How can I keep track of the sugar in fruits? Is keeping track of the sugar content of fruits necessary?

Clue: Do not overindulge in eating fruits. 2 to 4 servings daily are ideal.  Scaling up your understanding of calories will give a better understanding of the nature of sugar in fruits.

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