This senseless   murder of innocent citizens  must be rooted! If the fed can not provide security in it's realm of authority, then, it is an inalienable right of the citizens to form militias - to defend their human rights.  It is clearly within law to act as such - by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!! 

One more drop of blood is ALL it should take to evoke such a reaction.  I would say: condone the streets and summarily execute ALL these scumbags and idiots in the veil of Allah - clearly, a bunch of cowards who will dump on their stinking pants in fear of the slightest mosquito bite.  ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

 It is time we rise up and defend our sovereignty - nation(?) or state. If they want to build a nation of theirs, there exists enough desert-land south of  the Sahara to fence them in  with the scorpions.

Fellow countrymen, bar-beach has been very quiet of late.  We need to return to the days of Oyenusi - where these tugs a summarily tied to the post and popped!

Jonathan sh0uld declare a state of emergency and treat these hoodlums as enemies of state - not in the civil court, but swift kangaroo military justice - shoot-to-kill.  SSS should provide the intelligence on the locations of these rats, infiltrate, record and round-them-up for the SWIFT bar-beach show.  That's the ONLY language they will understand. Or, contract it out to the head-hunters from the East - think they will find enough skulls to bury Ojukwu, out these ingrates.

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I have still not come to terms with the declaration of state of emergency in a Local Government Area, instead of a state.  It seems to me the president has been grossly intimated by the northern cabals. 


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