Recent times due to investigation and researches purported they have been large records of broken marriages, scattered relationship and cheating cases in our world, due to the pure misconception about love and lack of awareness for formula of love.

Regardless of this, I will be elucidating on love basically on the male folks: how they can build a standard relationship, what it requires for a lady to fall in love, what ladies expect from a guy and what makes a girl happy.

However, countless times has a guy you have tried toasting a lady to love you but she refused, you look down on yourself not attractive enough to woo nor make a lady fall in love with you. The problem is not the lady but you, they are some skills you must have for a lady to love you extravagantly. If you don't acquire these skills you are just like an infant baby who needs breast milk but can't talk rather than cry. You might be presentable, attractive and neat enough for a lady to lust at a glance of your image, but that doesn't make her loves you.

Subsequently, have witnessed several occasions were guys made mention “my girl is cheating on me and my girl does not love me.” of a truth it could be possible, but a lady cheat when she sees what you don't have in another man, a lady gets irritated seeing you when you don't have the flows that makes her happy, a lady gets distracted when she is given preferential treatment from a guy who is her friend or any other guy. They are no two ways about the formula of love it is tricky, short, simple, sweet and complex in some way.

Nonetheless, I will explain this almighty formula which have worked and helped so efficiency over long period of time. A formula that has helped innumerable young guys to a relationship. Of course, most lead to serious relationship, most ended up in marriages and of all, it generates strong relationship between both genders.

On this note, I'm presenting to you C. A. M² formula of love propounded by Omopariola Nehemiah Oluwaseun, C. A. M² represent care, attention and money. The square denotes that some categories are identified under the C. A. M. However, this formula explains procedures on how to make a lady fall in love with you, building a strong relationship through the formula, and educating you with wisdom of what your woman or a lady expect from you. I won't waste much time interpreting the formula but I will show you how it works. Let's get back to business.

In our post-modern multicultural societies of contemporary times, ladies are known to have great interest with guys that are caring. Caring is a sign that represent to the lady you value her. It symbolizes you want the best for her and you cherish her. Ladies are easily attracted with a guy who wakes up every morning to text different messages showing concerns about her well-being, a guy who would ask after her every now and then. Feelings and love are easily developed for caring guys.

Emphasizing on married men, being caring and romantic is not all about, “baby have you eaten.” or early morning breakfast. However, being romantic indulges your strength to satisfy your partner sexual urge effectively without any problem, it also includes stunning packages, outing to event centers, tourist centers and eatery with your wife. It creates memory in the brain of your wife and establish a strong bond between your union.

Furthermore, when guys hear attention in relationship what comes to their mind is spending time with her 24hrs and giving her audiences. But attention in relationship or before creating a relationship is not just about that! You need to create time to question what bothers a lady, what bothers a lady is a question for attention which must be answered by creating time. pay attention to the silent pains not spoken words hidden under her smile. Ladies want guys who understand their pains and know their happiness. Attention is an essential factor in love and relatioship.

Pastor Albert Ocran says, “A relationship is like a bank. When you have deposited money, you can make a withdrawal." Money is not relevant in every relationship, but it is needed in every relationship. Experience the greatest teacher of love who ever lived and who still lives revealed that Money is the foundation and instrument that holds love.

The formula for love posits that to create a standard relationship you need care to symbolize love, you need attention for a lady to think about you and money to make it strong.

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