Three things I’ve learned advising final year project students

For some years now, I’ve found myself giving advice to undergraduates concerning their final year projects; I have no regrets at all doing this. Rather, so many lessons have come through and like am going to share right here, I wish you learn these life lessons just like I did.

Mistakes are bound to be repeated

I understand so well that a lot of people are in the business of offering free guidelines to undergraduates as well yet these mistakes are repeated year after year. Is it that they haven’t heard of them or something? Well that I can’t answer exactly; this question brings me to that second lesson;

There is always that one thing you didn’t know

Even the most knowledgeable amongst us has that missing link; knowledge is about what you can grasp from what you have seen, heard, touched and where you have gone to; how about the ones you haven’t even noticed or maybe haven’t known at all.

Final year students for instance wouldn’t still have a full grasp of the entire process even though it is taught countless times.  If not your topic arrangement, it could be your project abstract that you might have written wrongly or it could be your objective, methodology or even your analysis. Somehow, one of these atleast will bring you back to your supervisor’s office for correction.

People can be incorrigible                                                 

I happens sometimes that people would not take caution no matter how little it will take. This could be an intuitive attitude but could be attributed sometimes to sheer negligence and pride.

Students are given handouts to guide the presentation of final year projects in most cases plus the assistance they enjoy from their project supervisor yet they go back, correct that same mistake wrongly.  

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