Maurice Iwu the chairman of the Independent National electoral
commission(INEC) has come under fire recently, as there is a general
call for him to retire.
But as it is normal with all Nigerian leaders, he may never retire, but may sit tight till the next elections.
Below are three reasons why Iwu must go:

1. Iwu's integrity is in doubt
   Integrity is the number one key to success in whatever you do.
  In the case of the INEC boss, this vital key is missing and Nigerians
are afraid about his ability to conduct a free and fair election come
2011. The last elections were marred with reported cases of massive
rigging and ballot box snatching.

2. Iwu's tenure has elapsed
   This is an obvious fact which IWU himself knows, but because he
desires to perpetrate electoral fraud in the next elections, he is 
adamant about vacating the office for a new face to occupy. This is a
violation of the constitution of the constitution he swore to uphold

3. Iwu's failure to ensure that the electoral reform sails trough is an indication of his failure as a person.
It shows clearly the insincerity of the INEC boss to leave office, as the reform would have equally swept him aside

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