This girl called Mabel Fawaz,what a hell are u doing to our forum page? U are profaning our intellectual temple!

Stop it!

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Thats what we call mass proposal of love. Her type will even propose to a goat. What beats my imagination is that some people even subscribe to her antics and try reaching her. Forumers this girl is a joke lookong for those that will fall prey to her antics just like rose grandson, the paris hotel recruiting agent. We all should be carefull lest we fall prey to them.
She is a hawk seeing whom to prey on.  But she has failed.
Thank to all responsible member, but vanguard should not allow such person on this site.thanks
i ws very disapointd @ first, cos i jst sign up here & de aprovd my a/c yestde
nd d 1st cment i got,ws 4rm dis girl
i taut datz wat most pple do on dis site den....
She is a disgrce 2entire women.
Why is she sending dis message 2 people what does she want.
@Amina. I think she is a syndicate to a fraudulent group. People that exchange contact i.e,email with her should expect their emails flooded with fraudulent msgs. It takes only a fool to finally fall into the traps of these ravenous wolves in sheep coverings that have infilterated this honourable house.

Amina jibrin Ali said:
Why is she sending dis message 2 people what does she want.
What i really think is dat she is insecure,.'cos she dont know dis people she is sending email 2 so how re dey going 2 met?
She is not serious
It was not a new trick to me because i av seen such cases countless number. if her father was a rich man then why is she in refugee camp. i think this girl is a boy
It seem shez an end time hawker for men!


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