Feminism as a concept or literary tradition has made both negative and positive impact in our families, and nation at large. Anything pioneered by a woman always has a drastic influence or effect on citizenry why? Because when a man is trained a nation is trained but when a woman is trained a nation is trained. Today, what we evolve-to is foundational on our families especially our mothers because our fathers are always away in search of greener pastures, that was when the shape of the original home has not changed( when home was still home, now it is better addressed as a ‘house’)
Permit me to consider “feminism” on its negative part. Since women began to have a gross involvement in industries and some time consuming careers, homes have lost their divine plans and originality .Truly, it was not so from the beginning. Women now leave their first “call” to answer their second call. Their children do no longer call them blessed, elders (her husband’s kinsmen) praise her no more at the gate which is a loss of virtuosity.
This concept has made women radical, that is why you can hear a woman boldly say “what a man can do ,a woman can do it even much better” There should be equality and equity in this house” etcetera .Mind you, the Bible did not make them equal, it calls the first ‘head; the second he calls ‘help meet’
Children now grow in the bosom of some demonic, stony-hearted maid who treat them the way they are been treated and handled by so called wicked madams. My questions to our dear mothers/wives are “Which way”, “office or home”, Is there not “a way to balance this”? Ref: Prov.31:10 to the end.
The worst part of this great school of thought is that, women are lamenting in vain against their opposite counterpart (men folk) forgetting that their problem is themselves. Take a critical look at where a woman is working under a woman, she subjects her to nonentity which a male boss can never do. I have had opportunity to attend some burials where woman who claim to be “first daughters of the land” relegate their fellow women to a background-shave her hair, wear her black cloth, deny her pleasure and food, give her urine to drink in the name that she suffered their brother to death. Whose battle are we fighting? Do we actually love ourselves? Why do we think men are our problems?
Some women are being deceived by lack of understanding of this concept. How, they sheepishly emulate the feminist writers base on what they have written or preached on Television, radio, magazine, journals, commentaries etcetera without knowing that such persons are just exhibiting their creative ingenuity in order to make money, gain fame and build up career. Take a look at most of Nigerian feminist writers ’background; they live happily with their husband and children despite their scholastic abilities. Example is Helen Chukwuma –a lecturer in University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
There are also male feminist, maybe, I will discuss them under positive category.
Bye-till next edition

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Wala....Good article i'll say
@least one is now rest assured that not all are the same...
fingers all crossed with the hope that every one goes back to their rightfull posts and cease been robots controlled by some so-called superior remote-control..

keep it up..


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