Things I thought would be a bigger deal as an undergraduate student

As an undergraduate student, I unconsciously ascribed so much importance to things than they really were. I rode in this trail for as much as my armature days in university lasted. Don’t get it wrong, there is nothing wrong with being serious with your studies but I found myself making less important things so big as though my life depends on it.

This may also be part of your experience; you were more serious in first semester year one. Or you were more serious in the early weeks of your admission into the university especially as it pertains to lectures. But at some point you, just like me began to take things lightly maybe because I quickly got used to the system. Getting a project topic and gathering research materials for instance was one big fear for me, not until I reached the research class.

So here are the things I thought would be such a big deal as a university undergraduate.                            

Answering examination questions: The fear for the nature of examination questions was thrilling. You know that feeling when a senior colleague hands you past questions and then you realize you are still empty.

I thought I was going to read my head out to be able to attempt such questions, but fortunately, every other “next level” I attained was just the miracle I needed.

Making it to top of the class: When I first heard of GPA, CGPA, credit hour etc. that fresher enthusiasm calmed to a fault. Infact, I was so sure I was no more in secondary school; I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

But after my first and second semester results, I was motivated to make at least a second class upper. Trust me, it was that easy.

Getting in touch with lecturers: I used to think those class room preachers were gods. The only personal thing I thought I was going to do was to ask questions. But one thing led to another and am miss popular all of a sudden.

Graduating with first class: Not just me this time, most of my school mates had this myth that no one ever makes a first class in my department.  And so, we all geared to reach for at least a second class upper. Although we had good chances, we realized that it wasn’t going to be such a big deal if only if we added extra effort.

Writing an undergraduate project: From choosing research project topics, to getting them approved to gathering research materials, I have always thought It was so much a burden.  But as an undergraduate student, everything falls in place with time. When I got into the research class then I realized that my only then is ignorance.

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