These four career women understood the secrets to healthy nails; so they kept to these unique routines

People whose hands and fingers are too busy in the kitchen or on the soil may not consider keeping long nails but for career women like Adele Uddo, Samantha Cotter, Elissa Schell and Maxine King it’s a different ball game entirely. These women believe so much that their nails are big plus to their career and beauty, especially when it is neat, healthy and pleasing to their clients. They didn’t stop the narrative there; they have revealed secrets to their healthy nails too. You don’t like to miss a line, do you?

Adele Uddo is a hand model who cherishes her finger nails so much like whatever you can ever imagine. She says her favorite nail state is nude because her clients love them that way. She polishes them with nude colors and sometimes other colors; she gets a manicure too when necessary but she has this magic supplement she takes for her nails – Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), an organic sulfur supplement for healthy nails.

Samantha cotter is a sign language interpreter who needs to showcase her fingers always in her line of duty. Her obligation is to keep her audience off every distraction and get them focused. To achieve this, she puts off every designed artificial nails to maintain a trimmed, neat nail with coconut oil. She uses this oil on her nails to keep them moisturized and healthy all day long.

Elissa Schell is a nail manicurist; she obviously has to be the model her clients need. Her healthy nail care routine is quite simple – applies moisturizing cream on her fingers before bed time. She believes these creams work better at night when she is less busy.

Maxine King is a table game dealer; her hands are always on tables, shuffling play cards and attracting many eyes to her nails. Although she patronizes decent nail polish and design nails, she never neglects keeping her nails clean and healthy with a hand scrub. For Maxine, that’s one of the best treat she would give to her nails.

There is nothing wrong with walking to a saloon every other day for manicure, nail fixes, nail polishing and all; be mindful however that it’s better to take it in moderation. Paying so much attention to nails like picking them every now and then, chewing the nail bed or scrapping the nail bed with a sharp object is not ideal. It’s always better to apply some mild therapy like these ladies did. A moisturizing cream like petroleum jelly is simply cool.

The state of your nails says something about your healthy lifestyle. While using external moisturizers or pills for healthy nails is necessary, nothing beats healthy meals for overall health. For these ladies, their careers have inspired their healthy nails; what inspires yours? 

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