the football against Nigerian and the Argentina,was a shock that the Argentina did not beat Nigeria 3 rather 1,because niga fan thought that they are going to beat us  more than 1 goal.
if  the Nigeria  player can continue like that they are going to win their match against the Greece that is on the 17th of June 2010. so our goal keeper Vincent Enyeama  did a great job for u,to mine surprise that Yakubu Ayegbeni  also tried because i can remember our last match before this world cup he played non sense and this time,he was okay and can run after ball not as before he cannot run  after ball being given to him.
                           secondly to Taiye Taiwo also good and also the man of the match because, he stop  ball from Messi before he had injuring .  chidi odiah tried but wasted some of the ball because he was afraid to attack the Argentina and also uche.

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