In Sat Sun of June 18,2011, in Politicians' eccentricities: Ecclesiatics to the rescue(1), the author wrote....' I used to live in the world, oblivious of the fact that one day I would die. My passion at that time was more engrossedin material things than sprirtual. But latter events in my life, coupled with advancement in age, have dramatically chnaged all that. I have since realised that it would yield greater didvidend to devote more time to charity-helping the needy and the poor, investing in  endeavours that would enhance the living conditions of people by providing jobs, promoting education, and listening to the sick and afflicted and championing the cause of others in different kinds of deprivation..'


Reading the piece was like listening to an armed robber and killer who became born again while in prison and now a Pastor with no church. We know that Abia State today showcases Nigeria in ruins because of people that mismanaged the affairs of that state when they had all opportunities to have done all they now want to do.Spilling the milk and crying for it.


If this man is now realising his evils of the past, why tell Nigerians on the pages of the newspaper? It will serve him better to walk the talk and spare us the hard truth he new but never bothered with when he was in power. Why is he realising these at advanced age? How old is the American President, British Prime Minister and other well meaning leaders who are making history and reshaping the world. This man is a Politician, a goat coming in sheep skin. Probably he has lost political relevance and seeking new grounds to come up. We have not forgotten and the wound is still fresh, and no sign of healing.

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It is an open confession and there is nothing bad about about.  It is a lession to all those who are busy amasing wealth.  For once they will realise through his confession that this world is not our home.


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