Death, you’re standing rather too near! With your every cold long
hands!Don’t you understand the fear you trigger, Deep within the great
Comrades soul? The terror sprung by such a ghoul of dark and hideous
hue! Now you’ve rattled on his door! Sure, He tried to threw you out
before,You really need to learn where not to strike! Gain a sense of
social pride, and Keep your bearing far and wide, Never near my Comrade
again,But perform the deed when he is done, Be free and loose to have
your fun,When he is too frail to turn and run, But now you've blown off
his half;Without shame you deserve!

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That was for the loss of Governor (Comrade) Oshiomole's wife.

Comrade Adams shoud bear the loss with fortitude.  Life is full of ups and downs.  But God know the best.


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