The untold story of first-class graduate who sells second-hand clothes for a living

McSolomon Appiah though not born with a silver spoon, crossed all hurdles to achieve a qualitative education.

McSolomon Appiah

The untold story

Appiah, a native of Teoa in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, started his early education at Onwe-Nkwanta M/A Primary School near Tepa and subsequently attended junior high school at Tepa R/C JHS.

Even though he looks older than many of his mates, the Ghanaian did not allow the age gap to deprive him of getting the best legacy for himself; hence, he kept pushing… pushing… until he achieves his dreams.

His feat

At 20, Appiah completed senior high school before heading to the University of Education, Winneba, where he obtained a first-class degree in BSc Management Education at age 24.

Mountain of hurdles

Despite the progress, he had other hurdles to overcome, including securing employment to start life.

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