Did you hear isa yauguda? the irresponsible governor of bauchi state where our brother from the south were killed last week? he said  and i quote, that it is the destiny of this youth copper to be  slain like goat. then i ask ,if he has given birth at all , let that be the destiny of his children in the next uprising. this is  what a state man can said amid this controversial killing that people are calling for the review of the NYSC scheme

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The parents of the slain corpers should file a legal case against the Governer, and make his state pay heavily as compensation. U see, an average Northern/muslim,do not value human lives. So how do u expect us to co-exist with these type of people?
That is to tell you how insensitive and callous the North is.  How can a responsible citizen of this nation make this animalistic statement.  He is worse than an idiot.
It will be de destiny of that stupid gov to die in office. If illness does not locate him, bokoharam wil. Epileptic fool of a gov. Animal


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