The recent bombing of Abuja by unknown terrorists  has once again shown the urgly side of our politicians. After the sad event, the President, Dr. Jonathan, issued a statement. Surprisingly, some of our top politicians- IBB,  some Northern leaders, BUHARI and others came out and condemned the President in very strong terms. Because of their positions in the society, I expected them to have asked the President the reasons for making such statements at that time. It is  only after he had given his reasons  and they were not satisfied with his explanations that they would have reacted the way they did. That would have shown the level of political maturity our leaders have reached. Before this incident, I was having very deep regard for IBB  as a democrat. But with this development, I have my reservations. This is a clear sign that the good things Nigerians are expecting from our political leaders in the next administration may not come after all. I am tempted to ask at this level: do we have political leaders in this country? In a situation where Northern political leaders demand  for the resignation  or impeachment of the president without giving any cogent reasons, one may not be wrong to conclude that our  so-called political leaders are not sincere about the unity of this country. However, I commend the members of the National Assembly for the maturity they have so far shown in handling this sensitive issue. I hope they will keep it up.

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Let us look back to beginning of the civilian government of Chief Obasanjo. A lot of sabotage operations occurred. First there was a rumour that he was dead. Then successive burning of major markets in Jos, Minna and Lagos occurred. To further subvert the government, there was an unprecedented upsurge in inter-religious and inter-ethnic conflicts in the country.
The security agents of the President should please beam their search light on the well known "practitioners of violence".


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