The truth behind wearing of waist beads by women (Photos)

Have you ever wondered about the history of the origin of beads? Their origin is traced back to the African community, especially those with kingdoms like Nigeria and Ghana where women in the royal families wore them and people would use the different patterns, sizes, quality and length to differentiate their status.

However, these are some of the reasons women may want to put on beads;

1 Fashion: Fashion is what every woman desires to have in their life. A fashionable woman is a darling to everyone.

2 Weight watch: Majority of women would use the beads to watch if they are gaining weight or they are loosing it.

3) Cultural heritage:
Some communities among the Indians value this type of beauty and they always keep it as a value addition.
4) For protection: It's quite believe that some women, especially from the roral families put on waist beads to protect themselves from spiritual attacks.

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