The surprising secret to writing a credible research in banking and finance

The height of contemporary developments and the speed at which they occur has taught the rest of us that the resources on which the world depends on for innovations has drastically changed overtime. Interesting enough, virtually all sectors surrounding human existence, Banking, education, business, religion, information and communication technologies, name them now rely so much on this very ambiguous resources. As a matter of fact, your banking and finance project research, (see samples) as a final year undergraduate will be too uptight and probably not make so much meaning without it. So what exactly are we talking about here?

Let’s talk Data                     

A quick reference to the topic under consideration is an indication that research or banking and finance research will only thrive in the atmosphere of data; go to the moon it’s still the same.  Using Data for a credible banking and finance project research is not as you know it, (like sharing questionnaires, interviews or any of that is mere tradition) there are reserved and best practices for applying data in banking and finance undergraduate project research. You are just a few lines away;-

The kinds of data to use for a credible banking and finance undergraduate research

Historical data: This is the kind of data you have gathered from your research population over a very long period of time; much of which may include their preferences, gender, marital status, habits, social life, economic capabilities, age, etc. This form of data is most preferable for banking and finance project research.

Current data: This type of data like the name suggest is just gathered for the time being; just like convention has made it, undergraduate project students only seek to gather data when they get to the chapter three or four of their project research. It is good though but not the best practice.

That notwithstanding, the combination of the two kinds of data for you project research will give you better result. Just make sure you do not use current data alone.

How credible can your banking and finance project research be with historical data

Very credible; here is how. If you are a data analyst, that’s fine, if you are not then I suggest you hire a data analyst. Historical data as you will later confirm will not stop at giving your research result, it will help you pay keen attention to previous and historic experiences of your research population which will enable you make projections and credible conclusion about your research.

In banking and finance, the Know your customer (KYC) algorithm has pioneered the innovations in banking solutions and technology over the years; KYC is simply data gathered through personal knowledge of who your customers really are. As far as business is concerned, the banking sector has fared well so far in projecting accurately the preferences of the customers.

For you now as a banking and finance project student, don’t take historical data lightly, your research won’t just be a center of attraction, it will be credible. 

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