Gov. Fashola and the management team of Lagos State University ought to bury their heads in shame. I have postponed this vituperation for long, it has however come to my notice that our leaders (academic or political) are averse to sensible discussions. That Nigeria is a hard place to live is no news, why should this life be made harder because of the ineffectiveness of some people in leadership. I can't remember the last time any good news came out of LASU, as the highest educational institution controlled by the Fashola-led Lagos State government, one would have expected him to bring to bear his expertise on the administration of the Institution, however, I make bold to say that LASU administration is as ineffective as it was when he assumed office almost 5 years ago. As a 'semi-graduate' of the school, there really is NO improvement on the school administration in the past 8 years. I recently read in the media that LASU was rated the 10th university in Nigeria and the best State run University. The criteria used to achieve this rating is suspect to me, how do you rate a University the convocates graduates once in three years, a University that post students for NYSC every 2-3 years, a University that takes 3 months to check your GNS results, a University that operates like a glorified secondary school and has dysfunctional facilities. It is possible that the rating was based on its academic performance, but in my own view, a failed administration cannot produce a sound academic program

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