When i tendered my humble opinion on Dr. Goodluck scruntining every nominee before comfirming such as well as going for technocrats In His appointment, I didn't mearnt HE should now resolve on the OUTDATED POLITICAL NEVER-DO-WELLS and Dead-Woods that have 95percent Tendency of rendering His positive VISIONS of restoring the lust glory of our dear country THE GAINT OF AFRICA AND ALLEVIATING THE ENORMOUS SUFFERING OF THE POOR MASSES INTO A MIRAGE...nigerians will definitely not going to take it COMMON with any FAILURE THIS TIME.

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your thoughts are crystal. Old faces again masgurading like a virgin saint. They are all clown and always in Fct without a shop or office. Parasites, clangers of being.
The younger generation should also be given a chance to participate in governance.  After all they are the future generation. 


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