Much as i recall with nostalgia the immeasurable damage Prof. Maurice Iwu led Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has done to our body polity and psyche and my gratitude to God for his eventual removal as chairman of Nigeria's electoral umpire, i will beg Nigerians not to be hasty in wearing their dancing shoes, the reality is that it is only a MEANS and not an END of our struggle because it provides a vacancy for an appointment, but who will be eventually appointed and how much credibility he or she has should be our next round of struggle.

The Ag. president must be commended for demonstrating very rare courage in taking the decision given the crudity of our elites and politics. The Ag. President must see to the holistic adoption of the Justice Uwaise Electoral reforms and ensures that credible Nigerians are saddled with the leaderships of the various sub-units of INEC which have been unbundled by the reform's report. I am not a pessimist, but sharing such inclinations are founded given historical antecedents of euphemism which lasted for a while. Some of us are ready to join the race for election in our local constituencies if the credibility of the UMPIRE is not watery and shady.   

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Removal of Iwu is a right step in the right direction though not at the right time because he has done incalculable damage to our body polity. But thanks to our Acting President for exhibiting such rare courage. He has started very well. Why we hail such a auspicious move by the Ag. president, I must also remind him that Iwu's successor should be a neutral umpire. If another card carrying PDP member is appointed to replace Iwu, Nigerians should expect nothing better.
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