The Roles of Crushing Wall and Concave in Cone Crusher

The crushing wall and concave are the important working parts of cone crusher and also the components with most serious wear and tear, their quality directly affects the production efficiency of FTM cone crusher( So what kind of roles do the crushing wall and concave play in the cone crusher crushing process, and what are their specific functions? Let's see the below text.

The concave and crushing wall as the main parts of cone crusher, they together constitute the crushing cavity of cone crusher equipment. And what are the roles of the cone crusher concave and crushing wall? Crushing wall being fixed on the cone crusher machine's main shaft, does the high-speed eccentric exercise along with the rotation of the main shaft or the eccentric sleeve, it is also called the mobile cone of cone crusher; Concave is immovable being fixed on the frame of the machine, which also can be called the fixed cone of cone crusher. When the crushing wall rotates, the crushing wall and the concave will sometimes be close, sometimes be far away each other to realize the purpose of crushing the materials.

There is also a primary role of the cone crusher concave and cone crusher crushing wall--- the adjusting device. The crushing wall and the concave are the main factors that can determine the size of the cone crusher discharge port. When the cone crusher is in the normal load work, the material and the crushing wall move together in a circular motion, and then we can control the granularity of the finished product by adjusting the gap between the crushing wall and the concave.

After learning their respective roles divisions, let's find out how they work together to complete the crushing process of cone crusher. After the material into the cone crusher cavity, the motor drives the transmission shaft by the belt pulley or coupling, then crushing wall drives the material in the process of doing rotary pendulum motion to make the material be squeezed, curved and sheared between the concave and the crushing wall, so as to realize the material crushing. The lower part of the cavity composed of the concave and crushing wall is the discharge port, so the eligible crushed material goes out from the cone crusher cavity, and then discharged from the cone crusher outlet, finally, the finished product comes into being.

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