The remarkable factor that will power your undergraduate project

It took me a whole lot of time to finally conclude on the when actually to start writing my undergraduate project back then at the University. Soon after getting all of the earlier submitted undergraduate projects topics crossed in red, I was confused. So scared of doing the next wrong thing I confided in one of my favorite lecturer for new project topic. Guess what he did; he reconstructed the project topics I had presented to him and assured of having it approved.

Like I said, my project topic was approved; infact the two undergraduate project topics I had submitted were too good to be rejected, because I had interest in health communication, I went for it the topic that relates to health communication. It wasn’t long, I was assigned a project supervisor who is meant to guide me through.

The central gist                                               

I was supposed to start writing my research papers as soon as I was assigned a project supervisor but I didn’t. I knew my project supervisor and how mean and serious she can be academically so I didn’t introduce myself to her, not until I wrote my project chapter one.

When I came to pick up my project file from my project supervisor, she made some remakes which I considered too mean. Well, I couldn’t do anything but follow the instruction written in with red ink. I will tell you what she wrote, not once, not twice but as many time as I submitted my project file to her.  

The remarkable factor that powered my research

Time… time is the big factor at the center of my Supervisor and I. I knew when to pick-up my project file and when she is expecting me and what her reaction will be if I do not comply with the time table.

Let me tell you the simple thing she did on my research paper; she writes on it the last date she corrected my paper and when I can come get it. After the correction, she also indicates when she will be expecting the corrections that I have effected.

This routine helped me keep terms with my project and her schedule as an examination officer and lecturer. By the way, I finished up my project quite early and ended being friends unlike what is used to be.

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