Thisday edition of Sunday, November 28 quoted Sanusi Lamido, the CBN governor describing Nigeria as a country that imports what it produces and exports what it does not have.
According to him, “Nigeria is the sixth world producer of crude oil, 8th in natural gas, but imports petroleum products; Nigeria finds it difficult to get the tenets of democracy but exported democracy to Liberia; it is a country that finds it difficult to generate 4,000 MWT of electricity, but exports power to Niger Republic; it is the world’s number one in terms of cassava production, but no starch and ethanol industry that can create jobs to engage its teaming graduates.



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That is why we are refered to as the giant of Africa. The leaders who we have hoped on to turn things around dont care, they look the other way round and pretend to be deaf to clarion calls of this nature. Once their pockets is satisfied they dont care how things are done. Its a pity present and past leaders needed sombody in the person of the CBN governor to remind them of this abnomalies. I only hope that this reminder should trigger off some positive changes to those that shoulder the responsibility of corecting this abnomalies to do so.
honestly, it's really a shame if the realisation is hitting home now. Are we just waking up to the reality?
How far have we progressed since the discovery of oil. Rather the little in-road made in the 70s and early 80s were washed away by the military and finally putting nail to coffin is our corrupt civil servants nd political criminals who said they r politicians.
Big brother Nigeria.

We play big brother but our home is in shambles.  Charity begins at home. I hope our leaders will read this.


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