I was talking to my self and all of a sudden, a call entered my phone,
it was my dad calling, Hello my pretty girl how are you doing today, i
said…daddy am fine.

Daddy: I can feel it rite from here that your mind is troubled. [Remember..
i told you that my father is a pastor]
ME: Am fine dad, i have no worries at all.
Daddy: Ok dear i just want to alert you that i have sent you the money you
requested last week, please manage with us, we will send you more.
ME: Thanks dad, am grateful.
Dad: Ok let me give your mum the phone so you can talk with her. [my mind was
beating to talk with my mum, because i have broken the egg, i have eaten the
forbidden fruit]

I didn’t want to speak with my mum because i might develop heart attack, so i…
quickly hanged up the call and switched off my phone.
They tried reaching me again but no way, so they thought its network issue or
maybe my battery went off.

After i hanged the call, i started crying, now am remembering the advice my mother
gave to me, oh! i have lost it because of body pleasure, after some minutes, i…
wiped up my tears and encouraged myself.

Now After 3 years in school, am now in my final year, am studying Medicine as
a course, i want to become a nurse after my education, i love nursing because my mother
also is a nurse.

This is our final year, and everybody was running up and down so that we can actually come
out with high grades.
Becky was studying Bio Chemistry [BC] while i was studying Medicine.
Its a normal thing for Becky to give her body to lecturers and pass her exams, she was doing
it and i knew about it, she told me that one day i will face that kind of issue as well, she
said….. one day a lecturer must ask me to give him my body so that i can pass his subject.
i told her that i will never do it, the mistake i made before and lost my virginity can never
repeat itself again, she laughed and gave me this phrase “once lost, once gone, no recover”
which means, i have lost my virginity, its gone and i cant recover it.

i encouraged myself and i began to move forward, now its was just two weeks after our final exams,
we all are waiting for the result, after one month and few weeks, the result was finally out, Becky
was the first to spread the good news, she cleared all her papers, no carry over.

I have not checked mine, so i prepared immediately to go and check mine.
I finally checked it, i cleared all other subjects except one, that subject was my main subject, without
it, am going no where, i passed the subject but the lecturer wanted to wicked me.

So i matched straight to his office to know why he failed me, when i got there, the man said that he couldn’t
find my papers.. but sir i submitted my answer booklet [i replied]. he said he cant do anything about it, i
pleaded with him, so he gave me one condition, to either sleep with him or fail this course and spend extra one
year repeating this course, he told me that even if i come back and re-study the course, so long he remains the
lecturer and the teacher of that particular course, that i can never pass it.

oh! what a world of sorrow, i went back home and was dying in silence, i narrated the story to Becky, she advised me
to go and do it or all the years i have spent in university will be a waste, i said what if i report the man to the
school authority? Becky laughed and said…..who are the school authorities?….. isn’t he among them?…he will..
deny you as peter denied Jesus and even make the case more complicated to you. You better use what you have in-between
your two legs, to get what you want.

That night i couldn’t sleep, it just remained two weeks to our vacation day, finally the next morning, i made up my mind to
do it since i have no other options, i went to the mans’s office the next day, with tears rolling in my eyes, i said sir am
ready to do it, he was very happy and he had s*x with me right inside his office.

This was another epic tragedy of my life, oh! The price of Virginity, let me address your mind, the reason while i titled
this story…..The Price Of Virginity..” is because, its only few that can pay the price for virginity, the price is like
a fire burning right inside your chest, you only need a cup of water to quench it, but if you can endure the fire to the end,
you will have gallons of water to stop it till everlasting.
In everything on this earth, there must be a price and a sacrifice. virginity must cost you something. 99 percent of girls toady
have lost it including me Ann.

So after my vacation from school, i came out with an excellent result, my parents were very happy to have a graduate like me
in the house.
I got an employment in one of the government biggest hospital in my country, and i earn good amount of income on monthly basis.
Now its time for me to get married, one day when i came back from work, my mother called me and said that the son of our…..
general overseer in my church, who is living in London and is also a medical doctor in London, he said that the young man is
asking for my hand in marriage, and she have already told him that am still a virgin, the young man said he also want to marry
a virgin as well, when i heard this news from my mum, i collapsed and fainted.


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