The list of murder and assassinated victims in Nigeria seems to be swelling on a daily basis with the police seeming lost.
I wonder weather its a case of conspiracy or outright lousiness.
Check the list:

dele gwa
dipo dina
bola ige
moshood abiola
Engineer Funso Williams
 Dr. Ayo Daramola
 Kehinde Fasubaa
Chukwuma Ogbueli
Odunayo Olagbaju,
Pa Alfred Rewane
Chiefs Dikibo
Harry Marshal
Suliat Adedeji
Kudirat Abiola
Tunde Oladepo
Omololu Falobi
 Godwin Agbroko
 Abayomi Ogundeji
 Bayo Ohu
 Edo Sule Ugbagwu

As can be seen, the list include journalist, politician, civil servant and business me.
The annoying part of the whole saga, is that the police have stopped investigating some of these cases and it is as good as dead and buried.
This is a sharp departure from what is obtainable in other countries, where they value the lifes of their citizens.
In Nigeria, the life of the citizen is not worth a penny.
Only God will judge the killers of these victims
shame on the police

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May be I should remind you that the police is helpless in some cases while in others, they are accomplices. If look closely into the murder cases you mentioned, they are high profile murders, aided and abeted by the authorities that be. In such cases, the police is helpless because they cannot implicate their pay master. In someother cases, the police themselves are the executioners and therefore, cannot investigate themselves.
High profile murder must continue as long as Nigerian politicans do not have a sense of decorum and fairness in them; as long as the game remains a do or die affair and as long as it remains the game of a winner takes it. May God help Nigeria.


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