Nigeria, the permanent putsch a linear solution wickedly programme!! The concocted re-look of solution, answer and the offer is the spectre of the returnee of the notorious spice of human sperm mistake. Sans alternative except the serenade of night life killers a self-flagellation penchant for violence and serial assassination of opposing view.

A brief overview of Nigeria today, and the future prescription will completely give one nausea, when compare with the happenings, “cause and effect”, tell me, why won't the Gods be blame? As the prescribed solution tends radically towards those who are directly responsible for the hold-up dilatory instability of this country, to me it negate any prospective brighter future and against anything related to new ideas. Its the same connived predictive solution that are today advancing as possible political inputs to resolve the stalemate artificially created to perpetuate this ugly situation without end all this frizzle the ridicule for a nation of 150 millions and nefarious to support the eternal return of Babangida alias “IBB” into the political arena again, and this mark the absence of political realism of a readable lecture to end the the separatist division that the nation is embroiling in.

The quest for Babangida, must be resisted in Nigeria, if the Gods are not to be blame and claim our freedom from the America and Britain corrupt tie dictatorship in the internal affair of Nigeria. Even, though our yesterday memory are very short and lazy, we must resist the status quo of same ingredients that drive us to this hatred state of complete xenophobia and killings of brothers at will, why is it that we detest people of sounding mind of the same generation like OBAMA, the President of USA? we have people like RIBADU, he is from the North and El- RUFAI, also from the North, let the northerners give us someone of that calibre and let see whether love, harmony and peace will not reign in Nigeria. Why should the North be prone to mediocre? when they have people acceptable to all Nigerians, why causing unnecessary and unhealthy situation that is drifting and tearing the country into pieces? what interest have they to be clown against “neophobia” the absence of progress? I challenge them to get us a responsible leaders not from the military gangsters club, but from the civil society with pedigree and quality's, there are many of them to put Nigeria back to the rail, it is in our interest to ensure that this takes place, and it will be assumed that we can perfectly resolve our difference alone without any external dictate and find a lasting solution without recourse to yesterday imperfection with same useless barons of passionless imaginary's leaders.

You will see the Jos, kind of atrocities will be contained and prevented. But if in the end, we found ourselves to be too different to live together, then we can say we had try all our possible to make the marriage work. Since, is not possible to achieve the dream of a giant Nigeria, we can then proceed to the dissolution through peaceful separation.



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