why is it when the pdp wins an election people start querying the elections for irregularities?the truth is that the problem of Nigeria is our attitude. we have to change it. happy with the elections, it was transparent for all to see.the ruling party is still leading,that is the beauty of democracy.not everyone in PDP is a thief or as bad as the others,we have good leaders who can compete with the best the opposition parties have to offer,the likes of Rotimi Amaechi,Sullivan Chime.we have seen it clearly with the results from their states.the people voted for PDP.we should note that not every state can be an ACN, CPP OR ANPP for us to move foward, cause as far as they are Nigerians at the helm of affairs d issues will always be there. Vote for people u know that can deliver the dividends of democracy

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Mr man,i think it is due to the wau they got to power in the past,for we to change our attitude,they that still ave d opportunity of serving undewr pdp should prove to us they are able,then and only then can we change
@IGE, u re correct, i think now with opposition gaining more grounds there is the pressure for every party to perform

The opposition have allways been known to nag, quarrel and sometimes become violent in their doings, nigerians are a sensitive lot and have said no once more to sectional parties, the majority of us genuinely want change of attitude from the inglorious past!!

Yes the implication of the presentday realities is that the opposition have gained a lot of ground in the NA that the laws and unilateral jumbo pays may not sail as before!! They will now give PDP a run for their money so much that it will augur well for the Nation!!

Yes vote for those that will deliver irrespective of their party affiliations.  The political terrain is changing from emphasis on party to individuals who can perform.


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