We have observed with meticulous interst the ongoings in the north as a result of presidential election. It is true that Buhari won in most northern states but we should bear in mind that Jonathan got millions of votes from those states. The cry of Buhari that election was rigged in the south east cannot be substantiated. 

The riots and killing of non-northerners in the north has raised yet an unanswered question. Will this country continue to be one and a united entity. How can a set of people continue to suffer from any kind of slightest provocation. Take for instance, the only brother who sponsors you in school has been killed. Will you be able to forgive and forget the part of the community that killed this your beloved brother? This is a last lingering and a realistic question a right thinking Nigerian have to think of. The reality is this...some people have not accepted that we are one in Nigeria and it is true. IT IS TIME FOR THE SOVEREIGN NATIONAL CONFERENCE.

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