Will I ever see something and keep quiet, even in 2010? Would the burning love for the country of my birth ever allow me to sit quiet and not share my views? Will the spirit of countless jobless Nigerians ever allow me close this my mouth? Will fuel queues at stations and fuel going for N100 a liter ever stop hunting me? Will a morally decadent society crying for redemption ever allow me take a rest from writing? Will acute corruption in the government sector and even private sector help me turn a deaf ear? Will the cries of bankers who have been sacked for offences that are not theirs make me seat quiet? Will three sets of 2009 Youth corp members representing an average of 200000 graduates going into a saturated job market ever allow me? Will National insecurity ever loose grip of me? Will our standing in the world’s terror list ever allow me sit like a lame duck? These are the questions I asked myself before putting together this editorial. My brother and my sister, the list is innumerable. I have thought of the many reasons I should keep quiet and remain docile but can’t find one.
Many of us wish to speak but feel so disoriented that words cannot flow out of our mouths. It’s like a sick man who is very ill to the point of death that he cannot open his mouth.
Talking about death, is our loving Ruler still alive and ruling us from wherever? This is a burning debate that we youths must join either in form of prayer or in form of a dialogue.
I use this opportunity to thank our most caring elders under the aegis of Save Nigeria Group, (Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, former Biafran leader, Chief Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu and former Kaduna State governor Alhaji Balarabe Musa, and Legal Luminary Femi Falana) who on Tuesday, 12 January 2010 remembered what it took are past heros who as Student Unionists wrestled power from Colonial masters and who tenaciously stood by Chief M. K. O. Abiola of blessed memory to bring this democracy we see today. That march to the National Assembly was a heroic march that reminded me that I am still a Nigerian flowing with young blood and vigor.
Now the question is; should we keep depending on this group of people to emancipate us? Are we still toddlers to see the realities that there is sadness in the land? Are we too small to see political hawks’ rigmarole and bamboozle the entire nation like they are running government from their private pockets? This is taxpayer’s money meaning that it is our money and they should account for every penny, oh kobo spent. Up till today no one knows who is running what in government and we are seated waiting for the brighter life. Nigeria is never a Star beer advert that says we wake to a brighter life.
The Nigerian state of over 150, 000, 000 people, with two distinct seasons, material and human resources is not a state to be toyed with. I am at this point not delving into politics but reminding us that we have a stake in this country and therefore must rise to speak our minds. What percentage of Nigerians is leaving comfortably? Yet another rigged election is staring us at the face following comments like “PDP will rule Nigeria for the next 60 years credited to her Chairman”. Will PDP win based on the popular choice of the people? If so let them continue to rule, if not, then something must be done.
If you watch National Assembly sessions you will notice that there are regular speakers while the rest are “Yeah and Nay” members. A country of over 150,000,000 people can only boast of 80% “Yeah and Nay”. How possibly could a man who never had plans to become a Representative (but hatching the plans of his Godfather) ever liberate himself, let alone others. How possible can a visionless and hopeless man lead a group of people with great vision and hope? It is time for Youths to rise up and claim their spot in history. If the Ziks at their age where able to carry the flag of liberation to men (colonial era) ready to annihilate them, then history will be harsh on our generation if we become weaklings. Remember, this bulletin is regardless of who is in government but the fact that hence forth our “Votes Must Count (VMC)”. Professionals must have the confidence to come into government without molestation and fear of being ostracized. Kidnappings must stop and election racketeering and maneuvering must stop forthwith. A reorientation of the Youths and polity must be achieved. Only then we will be heading to the land promised us by our fore fathers. Then Presidential hopeful, Obama and his group singularly wrestled it from the ruling class as a hope that anyone or group can. Let’s use nonviolent and legitimate ways to achieve our Nigerian project so that the upcoming generations will be proud of us. VOTES MUST COUNT PROJECT 2011 and/or SOVERIGN NATIONAL CONFERENCE. Are you ready?

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