The Nigerian Army 76RRI Shortlisted Candidates For Pre-Screening 2017

The Nigerian Army 76RRI Shortlisted Candidates For Pre-Screening 2017 - For some reasons, many persons who applied for the Nigerian Army 76RRI 2017, must have been kept in the dark regarding the Nigerian army 76RRI shortlisted candidates list for pre – screening 2017. Well, if you have not seen yours, i would advise that you reasd through this article and check for yours.Nigerian defence Academy

 As we have been told and we have also confirmed, the Nigerian army has finally released the complete pre screening list of all candidates who were shortlisted for the Nigerian army 76RRI 2016/2017 for RRI tradesmen/women and non tradesmen/women. This means that all applicants who where among those who participated in the exercise, can now check for their names as it where. Please all applicants are to be aware that the Nigerian army 76RRI pre-screening will be done in the various centers across the country.

  For some of us, we may not really know the exact thing to do to be part of the Nigerian army 76RRI tradesmen/non trades men pre- screening exercise. So you have to read on and learn exactly how you can go about it.

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