It is very imperative I pick up my pen again as a patriotic and optimistic citizen of the Federal Republic; do I say I happen to be the biggest dreamer in Nigeria your guess is as good as mine. It is with grave fervor, integrity, intensity and vehemence i write today as we witness diverse security challenges in our nation lately.

On Thursday 1st of January 1914 witnessed the almagation of the Northern and Southern protectorate by Sir Fredrick Lord Lugard. Nigeria will be celebrating a century as an amalgamated nation come 2014 but the true question is; are we truly integrated as a nation?

 We have witnessed security challenges recently in the past months, who would have anticipated a suicide bomb attack in Nigeria by a Nigerian, terrorism is taking its footstool in our society today all in the disguise of activism.

It is now palpable and discernable that the high and mighty in the society are aiding terrorism in a bid to fight their political grievances thereby causing instability in the nation, their act might be excusable because the judiciary has failed us, it is no longer the last resort for the common man instead the play ground for the crème de la crème and the political gladiators In our polity today, justice is been traded for money and the highest bidder carries the day, our mandate is no longer ours, sometimes it seem our franchise does not worth a grain of rice to behold. Our sense of belonging has been perverted by potent cogency.

We all hailed the establishment of the anti-graft agencies to combat crime little did we know it was an instrument for political witch-haunt and possibly to win age long political vendettas Quote me wrong if you can.

Political parties has turned an umbrella for corrupt practices, it has turned the bedrock for tyranny. Tenure elongation has turned part of the manifesto for all administrations all in a bid to secure more time to loot public funds, it twinges me when I see religious leaders who are supposed to enforce the campaign for good governance forms an ally with unethical and fraudulent politicians all in the quest for fame and wealth.

The Nigeria police is never an exception, they are key players in the nation’s raging corruption toll. Our N20 bill has turned their entitlements on the highway.


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Against the backdrop and despite our shortcomings as a nation positivity and sanguinity has opened my eyes to behold the beaming light at the end of the long tunnel.

Remember how It seem a mere propaganda and a hype to many when the news of a democratic government besieged us twelve years ago, it is no doubt Nigeria is full of surprises. One nation indivisible with love and unity.

I anticipate a nation where there won’t be any emergence of an election tribunal after any election all subjected to fairness.

A nation where its leaders are poised to serve with high level of integrity and not to be served, a government that will uphold the welfare of the common Nigerians as its priority.

A nation where peace will abound despite our socio-cultural, religious and ethnic multiplicity.

A nation where the security of lives and properties will be our individual priority with no sentiment attached.

A nation with a vibrant economy.

I foresee a nation tagged as a triple A nation (AAA), a nation whose currency would be used for international trading and stocks.

Yes! Vision 20:20:20 can be a reality, it begins with you. first we must combat the monster called corruption else…………..thank God for the newly implemented FoI (Freedom of Information) bill, feel free to report any misgivings to the appropriate authorities or report to MEGON (Monitoring and evaluation group of Nigeria) they will surely help.

I really do not know how big your dream for Nigeria might be. Join us today at Dream Naija Project and see that dream fulfilled, follow the link below and like our page.


© Okagbare Christopher.

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I share same vision with you about Nigeria and hope and pray that God will being it to fruition.
For sure.
We should not lose hope in this entity called Nigeria.  We should rather pray for good leadership.  Once good leadership is in place, other problems will be fixed with time.

Okagbare Christopher said:
For sure.


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