Aiyamenkhue Edokpolo Those who say the youths are incapable of leading a new Nigeria, live in the past. They need take a walk to global realities and horizons; where things work not for the sake of people who art behind the scene, but becos of d amount of ideological input invested into d process of change. The call 4 positive CHANGE, begins with YOU!

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good day. Words truly expressed and accomplished through the little things we do...Thanks for the encouragement
Can empty bags stand upright? As the nation suffers wide range of economic as well as social ills, youths are particularly vulnerable to its detrimental effects: hunger, homelessness, the lack of education or skills, and the wasting of an enormous human resource. Indeed, the youth suffer low self-esteem and are turned into a frustrated lot. However, the change they desire, come 2011, worth more than the silver and gold that are in the hands of a few Mafias.


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