The Manufacturing Steps of Wheeled Crushing and Screening Plant

To manufacture the WHEELED CRUSHING AND SCREENING PLANT, there are about three steps. Now I will explain it to you in detail.


The first step of wheeled crushing and screening plant, is preparing mobile crushing and screening equipment well. Before the final product, the major crushing and screening plant should be prepared. The crushing machine is generally two types, impact type and jaw type. Their production capacity reaches up to 400 tons per hour. Using advanced technology and high quality material, the crusher is the core part of the whole wheeled crushing and screening plant.


The second step, is the wheeled vehicle. The mobile vehicle is divided into wheeled type and tracked type, in which the former is more ordinary. The vehicle should be large enough to load the crusher, conveyor and electric control cabinet, while not too much large to reduce the mobility. The vehicle driving power is unique with dual use, oil and electricity.


Last but not least, the crusher and conveyor need to be set on the vehicle properly. For conveniently transporting to our customer, the wheeled crushing and screening plant is not totally assembled. We will offer the installing guidance and necessary training of the common faults solving method. Until this step, the manufacturing process of wheeled crushing and screening plant is finished.


We have exported our product to more than 100 countries and regions during 20 years. The wheeled crushing and screening plant is getting more and more popular in the past year. We promise your any requirement will get prompt attention.




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