We say this so many times and don't still know the meaning, SOME ARE BORN GREAT, SOME ACQUIRE OR ACHIEVE THEIR GREATNESS, SOME HAVE GREATNESS QUALITY IN THEM. Those are the sayings of the wise, those who forecast the future. We are talking of the man GOOD LUCK JONATHAN, Nigerians say he is GOD sent, some say it is the hand of GOD, some say our sufferings have ended, i know Nigerians for this. It is after a set of governing we say it is good or some say it is bad. We never live to correct our mistakes instantly, because of our selfish interest in corruption. Even if a leader is bad we don't say it, because he is in government, lets learn how to call a spade a spade and GOD ALMIGHTY will bless this country and we will stay curruption FREE.

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YOU dont remember to add this................ AMEN IN MILLION


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