His masterstroke for me was when he was asked why he should be the next
coach of the Super Eagles and he said because he was the missing link.
“…….My boys in the U-20 and U-23 have all graduated and gone up there.
I am the missing link. They are waiting for me, so that we can move on
together……” that is Paul Bassey referring to Siasia in one of his column.

Well that is His opinion over Siasia. but for me I believe that when God ordains one for a position, even the most brilliant, brightest, richest, influential, strongest etc cannot take it away because it does not belong to them. that is the case of Siasia. believe it or not he is the ordained one.
He who the cap fits wares it.

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thats just your belief Joy. Lets see how he proves himself as the missing link. All the same i wish him well.
Samson Siasia deserves to be the best coach Nigeria have now.

The Super Eagles players that disgraced us in the Nation's cup,then World cupt should be thrown to the dust bin of history.

Samson Siasia boys,played magnificent game against the full squad of the Argentines,almost drawing with them in the last minute for a possible penalty,which I believe Nigeria could have won with the good Goal-keeper of Van Zak and talented but determined young players that he fielded on the Olympic squad.

He can bring six of the Boys including Goal-Keeper Van Zak and Osaze to the New Super Eagle squad.

Also,the young lads that won the under seventeen World cup in Korea should be brought in;at least seven of them.

Emmanuel,who played very good foot ball during the under seventeen world cup in Nigeria should also join the squad

Taye Taiwo,Obafemi Martins are the remainig old Super Eagles squad that should be brought in.

With these listed Guys,some from John Fashanu's screening,at least six of those boys should also be included to make Nigeria Super Eagles a New and formidable squad.

We have good,talented and young players that will make Nigeria Super Eagle formidable.

More grease to your Elbow:Samson Siasia
well let pray is the best link we had been waiting for
The nation hails the choice of Siasia as the national coach. We all believe in him and in his ability to take our football to another level. However, it is now left for him to prove that we have not made a wrong choice. The ball is in his court for the game of football demands more actions than words. I wish him good success.

Agree but he should work really well and take the job very serious. Nigerians can forget all your accomplishments with just one mistake so he should do everything possible to give Nigerians the results they desire so that the goodwill that he enjoys now will continue in future.

I think i believe you completely.Nothing to add here.


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